www.nicotine-pouches.com has been created by the same crew, who successfully launched and runs an online store with Swedish Snus and Nordic Chew www.taxfreesnus.com. Over the years we have managed to gather a large base of customers gaining their trust and provide satisfactory service. 

Coming across the needs of different markets, we have decided to launch an online store strictly dedicated to nicotine pouches = tobacco free snus. We have watched the raising interests of these products in our shop and we truly appreciate the great idea behind this product. 

All white pouches contain nicotine that has been extracted from the tobacco plant, but are completely tobacco free! Among many advantages and features of regular snus, nicotine pouches do not stain your teeth and can be used in all public places including public transportation, restaurant, cinemas, literally everywhere! They provide the nicotine kick you look for, being a great substitute to cigarettes or vaping. 

Nicotine pouches, known also as nicopods, come in great variety of flavours and different nicotine strengths. Our shop provides well known and appreciated brands and is constantly growing. Before adding any new products into our shop, we firstly test them to make sure that we offer only top quality nicotine pouches. Our taste buds and experience have been created by years of using snus and similar products, learning about their characteristics and manufacturing process. Our priority is to offer products that are true to real Scandinavian spirit. 

www.nicotine-pouches.com was design to offer best shopping experience. Our products are always fresh thanks to being stored in cold rooms. Appropriate temperature guarantees their distant flavour and long lasting. We offer not only best prices on the market, but also fast and tracked shipping!