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Hmm, that’s weird, we currently don’t have any Velo nicotine pouches in stock. Don’t worry, we thankfully have plenty of other terrific brands you can enjoy. For a modern way to enjoy nicotine that’s easy, discrete, and tobacco-free, check out our extensive range of nicotine pouches – available now with our low-price guarantee!

In the meantime, check out the nicotine pouches below.

The freshest flavours, the cleanest hits

We have the freshest nicotine pouches online. The reason for that is because we store and pack them in our special cold-storage warehouses. Set to the right temperature, the cold rooms ensure the pouches stay fresh and juicy.

We know Velo nicotine pouches come in a variety of delicious flavours. If you’ve tried them all and are looking for something new, then make sure you check out our Nois and Grant collections. They come in different strengths as well, so you can choose the right one for you to unwind and take things easy.

Velo nicotine pouches UK – tracked delivery

Unlike others in the market, we ship directly to you from our special facilities in Europe. That way, we can keep the prices down and the freshness up. We also provide free tracked worldwide shipping for your convenience.


How to use Velo nicotine pouches?

It’s easy to use Velo nicotine pouches. Simply open the case and tuck the nicotine pouch under your upper or lower lip. You’ll soon be enjoying the gentle flavour release and mild buzz. Dispose of the pouch once it loses its flavour, which is typically after 30 minutes.

100% Fresh

Our nicotine pouches are stored and packed in special cold rooms to ensure they stay great tasting.

High Quality

We stock only the finest nicotine pouches by top brands.

Best Prices

No extra fees, no unpleasant surprises – the cheapest nicotine pouches available online.

Fast Shipping

Delivery within 3 to 6 working days for the UK, EU and Europe. 

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White Fox Slim Extra strong ON SALE!Save 6.00 €

White Fox Slim

Price 32.90  38.90 € 3.29 € per can
Nois Blackcurrant Strong

Nois Blackcurrant

Price 34.90  3.49 € per can
Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra... Extra strong

Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Siberia Regular All White Portion Extreme

Siberia Regular All White Portion

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Siberia Slim All White Portion Extreme

Siberia Slim All White Portion

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Siberia Super Slim All White Portion Extreme

Siberia Super Slim All White Portion

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can